The power of perfume

Coco Chanel once said that a woman who doesn’t  wear perfume has no future.

I came on this quote at the end of the old year. Considering all the new challenges I will face in 2016 , I am now looking for a bunch of fragrances that will radiate power , strength and inspire creativity . For fragrance has an effect . Imagine a world without ? Most memories you have, most associated with a smell that suddenly can be recalled only by a hint of it sneaking into your nostrils. The Power of perfume. The smell of Christmas is for most inextricably linked to gingerbread, tangerines and spruce . New Year’s Eve smells perhaps most of burnt fireworks. For me it is these two perfumes that gives me the right mood.

Ambre Eccentrico

This fragrance from Giorgio Armani Privée La Collection is a tribute to the chord amber and fragrance notes of cinnamon bark, prunol and peaches . Along with roasted tonka beans , vanilla and patchouli  the heartwarming atmosphere should be secured.


On New Year’s Eve I will dress my self up with this sensual scent of orange flower with pink pepper , lavender and a breath of fresh lemon leaves will make the evening into a dancing feast.

One of the oldest perfumes we know about are supposedly created by Moses, instructed by God. The perfume contains myrrh, cinnamon, calamus (one straw type) and cassia (Chinese cinnamon) mixed with olive oil. Egyptian priests mixed bag for sacrifice and for embalming their dead. And the Romans expressed their sense of luxury with copious doses of perfume and they even slept on mattresses stuffed with rose petals. Arab alchemists in the 1200s is known for its subtle blends and is considered to be among the first modern perfumers. Countless more or less successful perfumes have been produced since then. Women have seduced men, men have seduced women. Perfume has become an art form, a difficult such. Yet celebrities and commercial operators pumped out perfumes in droves, which has resulted in many smaller niche brands have gained a foothold for the more discerning and most interested of us. Those who are looking for something unique, something that not everyone has access to. We will not smell the same as everyone else anymore, as in the 80s when everyone wanted Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris or Cacharel’s Anais Anais which is my favorite and still reminds me of my sweet adolescence.


Some still prefer to use a single perfume their whole life, fragrance has become part of their identity whatever the occasion , whatever your mood . I’m not one of them. I have many perfumes and want even more . The fragrances expresses my mood , and may be accessory to an outfit , a subtle hint to my lover or a warm embrace to my daughters . On the way into the new year I will scourge me into perfumes that gives me power and strength, confidence and focus. Many of the major commercial perfume houses have just modern , strong women as their spokeswomen . It’s trendy to express confidence, and this is communicated by Cara Delevingne for Yves Saint Laurent , Cate Blanchet for Giorgio Armani and Julia Roberts for Lancome . Not to talk about Keira Knightley as the speedboat driver in wellknown James Bond style in a recent commercial for Chanel.

Cate Blanchet Si

My year of 2016 deserves a dramatic entrance á la Tom Ford . Followed by perfume Le 15 from the niche house The Different Company. The latter scent appeals to the gods with an ode to the traditional myrrh . We are returning to perfumes origin where the fumes would evoke the gods favor , and I might need a small dose of angel dust this year.

Tom Ford NOIR


Foto: The perfume brands