Omorovicza – A Hungarian Love Story

I intend to present some beauty entrepreneurs on this blog. We seldom think that there are people behind the products we use every day. Some have actually had an idea, a plan and got the products produced.

Some have even mixed ingredients themselves. It is often fascinating stories behind the products, enterprising people with a vision and a lot of inspiration. They stand in the background and I want to highlight them here. Both Norwegian and foreign.

One of them I have met several times, is American Margaret de Heinricht de Omorovicza. She was the ambitious girl who fell in love with a Hungarian man when she worked as a diplomat in Budapest. It turned out that this man, Stephen, was part of the Hungarian nobility and his family owned the old traditional spa that pair has gradually transformed into more modern spa while the old traditions have been maintained. As an extension of this project, they have created their own skincare brand sold worldwide. In Norway you can buy it at the exclusive Gimle perfumery.






Margaret went carefully through the products with me last time we met in Oslo . She is very dedicated and committed to each product. I think it’s really fun to meet the people behind the products that I like and hear about their visions and the journey to reach their goals . The first thing that strikes me about Omorovicza products are the delicious texture . After I had used some of the products for a while , I could ascertain my skin was soaked , more resilient and with a healthier glow. Margaret says that she is very concerned about results.

– Women wants quick results and notices quickly if the products give them want they want or not.

Omorovicza have a facial I really can recommend . It is based on old Hungarian techniques and your face gets a boost without the use of machines, using only the magic fingers of the therapist.