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The secrets of a beautyfounder

I have great respect for people who manage to make a living from what they are passionate about. Beauty entrepreneur Cecilie Egeberg is one of them.

Initially she made her own beauty products under the brand name Nykr in her own basement, but has now expanded the assortment and space. Because I know that Cecilie have high demands on quality, I was curious about what she chooses to use on her own skin . So I asked her about her personal beauty favorites.

Photo: Lars Evanger

Cleansing : – I’m in a phase where I use my own Cocoon Treatment, a cure which exfoliates and renews the skin with silkkokonger . So the first thing I do when I start the evening routine is to add a cocoon into hot water. Natural silk-cocoons contains sericin containing 18 to 19 aminoacids are antioxidants and increases the skin’s own production of collagen. While I cleanse the skin with Bioderma its all-in -one ‘s ( and brushing my teeth off course) the 5-10 minutes is enough whereas the cocoon has been released its sericin. So you just have to put the cocoon on the tip of your finger and rub gently around the face for applying sericin and simultaneously cleanse and remove dead skin cells. Then I let the skin dry before I put on moisture .

* When I’m not using cocoons I would use a slightly stronger cleanser, like Eve Lom ‘s classic or Tata Harper ‘s with small granules, it is super!




Moisture: – During a Cocoon Treatment it’s important to provide the skin with enough moisture . I’m a fan of facial oils, and keep on developing my own. But sometimes  I like DR. Schrammeks ‘ Skin Elixier ‘ and this classic from Rodin.


Makeup : – When it comes to makeu , I’m not that experimental and when I find something that works, I just stick to it. Kjær Weis and RMS Beauty are organic products that really are good! I always use the color Diabolique on my cheeks and Cloud Nine as a base on the eyes. Kjær Weis sell refills for its fine packagings .



Lips: – Two times a week , I use my lip scrub, followed by soothing lavender lip balm. (  I useLip balms every single day. I have one in each jacket).

Lip Saving Kit

Body: – When I have time I’ll take a warm bath before I go to bed. I am hooked on the series with bath and shower oils from Aromatherapy Associates . They are absolutely amazing ! When I try to remember to take a hair mask in the same time, for my hair quickly becomes dry. I even think my own Sugar Body Polish and Baby Oil is the best for your body, so I use them off course.




Perfume: – Since I’ve worked with scent for over ten years , I am naturally very fond of perfumes. My ‘ fragrance wardrobe ‘ contains a bundle of very different scents that I love. Here they are :






Exercise: – I have discovered that one of the best things I can do for my skin in addition to the daily cleansing and supplying moisture, is actually Bikram yoga. The heat gives the blood circulation a real boost, and it is wonderful to know that the blood rushes in the body despite the fact that one is red in the face for hours afterwards. In connection with Bikram workout I drink lots of water, which I tend to forget a little bit  in my daily life.