Foto: Hinda Fahre

Mayas Water


Norwegian spring water in spray-cans has become a sought after beauty-serum for both Norwegians and fashionistas worldwide.

Maya Water Facial Mist is 100 % natural mist. This one has added ecological Acai in addition to the Norwegian thermal spring water.
Maya Water Facial Mist is 100 % natural mist. This one is added with ecological Acai in addition to the Norwegian thermal spring water. Photo: Hinda Fahre

Maya Guldbrandsen became a beautician by chance. She still took fate into her own hands and decided to do it thoroughly by studying at a recognized school for cosmetics and skincare in Germany. At that time Germany was a pioneer country when it came to knowledge about skin care, ingredients and a holistic approach around beauty.

The young girl didn’t settle down with this, and proceeded to London and the International School of Film, Television, Theater and Photo-makeup. When Maya finally turned home to Norway the well-educated girl became the most sought after makeup artist in Norway. She worked on movie sets as well as for fashion magazines and theaters. She was headhunted to the first Commercial TV-channel in Norway as the makeupartist in chief, and have done the makeup on every artists, actors and television personalities ever been in Norway in a certain period of time.

Maya ran her own beauty salon for a time, but after 30 years in the business, she had to throw in the towel and rethink her work. The body could not bear the harsh strain of standing straight up and down for hours with makeup brushes in her belt, stooped over a face to be embellished by her. While lying sick and dehydrated in bed after a back- operation, the idea of a water spray with Norwegian spring water hit her. A dehydrated body doesn’t feel good, the skin becomes more sensitive and rash and itching occurs easily. A dry skin looks more wrinkled too.

We need to add water to the body to ease the bloodstream around in the body. If you have a good blood circulation, you most likely have a nice skin too. It all hangs together, says Maya when we meet over lunch at a café in the neighbourhood Frogner in Oslo, where she currently lives with her husband, Thomas Kallenberg who also runs the company Maya Water Facial Mist (hereinafter called MWFM) together with her.

-Our skin is very fond of clean water, and preferably thermal spring water, alleges Maya. Providing the skin with a mist with this water is one of the easiest means to beautiful skin as it adds nourishing minerals and other healthy natural nutrients to the skin that come straight from the soil.

This soil is more specifically a source at the mountain Skogshorn near the ski resort at Hemsedal in Norway. Maya transports the water directly from this source to Oslo where the water is bottled in spray cans. MWFM is a true Norwegian locally produced product with 100% natural ingredients.

-You can actually spray it right in your mouth if you want, says Maya in a enthusiastic tone of voice.

Maya Water Facial Mist med menneske
The nozzle is especially made for the perfect mist. Photo: Hinda Fahre

Why is it good for the skin?

– Our skin hasn’t actually changed since dawn, but the world we live in is completely different. The skin is exposed to big impacts from external factors as pollution and UV radiation witch are harmful to the skin in addition to the food we eat witch also causes similar stress for the skin.

MWFM should be used several times a day every day to give your skin calm and moisture. Maya emphasizes that it is important to use the spray as an addition to regular skincare, not instead of regular moisturizers.

-Use the mists as a time out during the day where you take a deep breath, then spray, and breathe well again. Do the same little ritual three times. Say something nice to yourself while performing this and you will get the good benefits of a peaceful soul and a healthier skin.

The nozzle on MWFM is specially designed to use over makeup. It creates a light refreshing misty rain that settles evenly on the face. As a previous makeup artist Maya is well aware of the importance of moisture in the skin for the makeup to stay nice and pretty. She used such sprays herself on the models and clients when she worked as a makeup artist, but no one of them was perfect. She did have to make the perfect one herself.

-The more you spray of this mist the fresher your makeup and skin will appear. Hold it approximately 30 cm away from your face and spray in slow circles. Let the drops soak in without wiping any of it away.

In addition to the precise nozzle MWFM has four different kinds of mists. Organic White Tea, Organic Goji and Organic Acai adds antioxidants to the skin in addition to the original thermal spring water. Pure is as the name indicates the purest one with only thermal spring water. MWFM has become a popular product abroad, precisely because of the healthy natural ingredients. The fact that the product is completely Norwegian adds to its popularity. Most people associate Norway with clean water, mountains and beautiful scenery.  Luxurious spa Four Seasons Hotel & Spa in Florence sells the Norwegian spring water to its customers.

Maya Water facial Mist reise
Maya Water Facial Mist is very suitable for traveling as they can be purchased in handy travel sizes. Photo: Hinda Fahre