Candice Swanepoel er ambassadør for Biotherm.

Clean skin = Beautiful skin

If I should pick one thing I will pass on to my readers based on my experience as a beauty editor it must be the value of a clean skin.

You can lubricate virtually anything on your skin, but if you do not clean it properly first you may as well throw the precious products right out of the window. Rule number one for obtaining a beautiful skin as possible is therefore a good cleaning routine. The results will prove quite immediately, especially for those who are over 30 years.

I am amazed about the amount of people who are sloppy with their skincare and at the same time is complaining about chronic problems with their skin that is dry, oily, wrinkled or has uneven skin tone. Therefore, I will repeat the importance of cleansing the skin also in the future.

Now I have learned to like to clean my skin, and I perform the routine in the same thorough way as brushing my teeth. And like brushing my teeth, the delicious feeling of purity afterwards depends on using the right product. The toothpaste must taste good, do the job properly, and give a fresh breath that lasts afterwards. It’s the same with cleaning products. They must smell good, clean away all impurities and give a clean feeling that lasts. Whether you prefer cleaning foam, -milk , -oil or -balm will the products you use give you the best assumptions for a healthy and beautiful skin .

Ann-Kristin Stokke is the technical manager of the firm Scintific for Dermalogica, Jane Iredale and Fedora Minerals. She has extensive experience and knows a lot about the skin. I asked her about how one should cleanse the skin properly. She recommends cleaning your skin twice consecutively.  A double cleaning, as simple as that .

Pre cleanse from Dermalogica.
Pre cleanse from Dermalogica.

–Surveys show that the average consumer spends less than 20 seconds on his daily cleansing routine. A double cleanse will ensure you a much better result than if you only clean once. Invest time and money in a cleanse suited to your skin, and you will have a clean and healthy skin that looks both younger and fresher. You will also get much better results from your other products which would then absorb into the skin in a more efficient manner. The makeup will both stay longer and look better on the skin, and with proper cleaning routine you will also experience less sensitivity and other general skin problems, says Ann-Kristin.

Skin Resurfacer Cleanser
Skin Resurfacer Cleanser


What are the consequences of not cleaning the skin?

– Where a younger and fatter skin will react with outbursts by inadequate cleaning, an adult skin just as easily react with irritation and sensitivity or sallow and rough skin. In addition, all purchases for active anti-aging products will be completely wasted without a thorough cleansing, because the active substances will not pull into a dirty skin.

How can you combat the signs of aging with cleaning products?

– If you have some fine lines and wrinkles you should choose a cream based cleanser that contains lactic acid. The lactic acid helps that in addition to getting a thorough cleanse, also stimulates cell renewal thereby reducing lines and wrinkles, says Ann-Kristin.

My favorite cleaning products right now :

Cleansing brush from Clarisonic

I am totally dependent on this little gadget, no matter which cleanser I have at hand. Skin feels cleaner with than without a round of the brush ( 60 seconds is what it takes) . The latest Clarisonic brush is based on smart technology that makes it even easier to use, it has a very long battery life, let you know when it is time to replace the brush head and has a pre-adjusted speed, frequency and time. What’s next?

Smart Profile fra Clarisonic inneholder den aller nyeste teknologien for en optimal og skånsom rens.
Smart Profile of Clarisonic contains the very latest technology for an optimal and gentle cleanse.


























Foam Cleansing from Biotherm

I have a weakness for cleansers that foams, mostly because of its light texture. Biotherm has been one of my favorite brands long before I started working with this topics, and probably still has a nostalgic appeal to m . Having said that, it works out well because I am being totally clean without getting tight and dry skin. I have the feeling that the foam envelops the face of a small fluffy cloud and leaves it fragrant and soft. I like to have this standing in the shower so I can easily wash away all the foam with the shower head and use it in combination with the Clarisonic brush. Therefore, I use it mostly in the morning.

Biosource Mousse fra Biotherm egner seg for tørr hud.
Biosource Mousse from Biotherm is suitable for dry skin.

Cleansing Balm from Eve Lom

The first time I tried it I couldn’t believe such products existed. If I had to choose one single cleanser for the rest of my life it would be this one, with the fine muslin cloth witch is included. Having massaged the cleansing cream on the face to remove makeup and dirt, the heat cloth has to be gently placed on the face to open the pores and allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate the skin. To remove residual cream, increase circulation and give the skin a gentle scrub, you can move the cloth in small circular motions all over the face and neck. I love this little ritual which in my opinion is best suited for evening use.

Cleanser from Eve Lom.
Cleanser from Eve Lom.


Over the years, I have naturally become more and more interested in everything that can fight signs of aging in my face. To cleanse the skin well is in itself a great investment to combat the signs of aging, but it can not hurt with a little extra boost with active ingredients. Behind the Japanese brand Shiseido is a long geisha tradition where carefully selected products and ingredients will contribute to an infinite skincare ritual which results in a flawless skin. This foaming cleanser should at least be followed by a corresponding lotion for extra soft skin.

Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam from Shiseido.
Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam from Shiseido.

When design counts

I’d rather surround myself with visually beautiful things, but without compromising on the quality of the content. The Melbourne – based brand Aesop delivers on all fronts. Their sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Aesop’s workings as they themselves describe it. Their stores is a pleasure in itself and worth a visit if you’re passing by. In Oslo the recogniced firm Snøhetta has designed the shop. This slightly foaming cleanser with lactic acids providing a gentle exfoliation. It makes your skin clean in depth and appropriate for someone like me with a more mature skin that sometimes becomes impure with a tendency to outbursts.

Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser from Aesop.
Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser from Aesop.