Lupita Wyong'o for Lancôme.

Eau de vie

We are in constant search for more time, while we fill the time we actually have with more time-consuming activities. Therefore we yearn for more energy. The cosmetic industry wants to meet peoples needs and now Lancôme is introducing a skincare range with the appealing name Énergy de Vie.

Liquid lotions packed with nutrients is the latest from Lancome.

It’s launched a lot of beauty products every day. Some brands are betting on all-in-one products, while others are launching new products to existing product lines and thus creating new demands from the consumers all the time. Who had heard of a serum ten years ago ? Now I can’t live without it, often several at a time.

In our constant pursuit for me-time (research shows that most women have a maximum of one and a half hour to themselves every day), we have to ask ourselves what we should fill this precious time with? Should we exercise, make slow food to our family, do the perfect manicure, scrub our bodies, read a book, or watch an episode of the latest tv-series? I would like to meet my friends more often, read more books for my children, talk more with my family and my boyfriend, but I have no time. I wish that one day had several hours, or that I could manage with less sleep. But then I become irritated and my skin dry and wrinkled.

So it’s maybe a paradox that I am still getting excited when new products is launched, perhaps especially skin care products. And when it’s a whole new range I can feel a childlike joy like the one I had as a child when it came new candy on the shelves I had never tasted before. I want to try it!

Now Lancôme has launched a new skincare line. I have followed the French cosmetics brand for many years and know that few can match the professional laboratories they have developed over the years, nor the scientific people who work there. The French cosmetics industry is a big part of the French exports, French pride and the French culture as a whole. They rarely fail.

The new skincareline is an interpretation of the trendy Asian skin care routines that contains so many steps that the our and a half at my disposal will be spent only on that. Lancôme has thankfully decided to shorten the ritual, but preserve the consistency of the products. Liquid skin care is based on the Asian lotion or essence. There are skin products that were originally based on rice, and the face water was eventually enriched with plant extracts and used in layers as part of the skin care routine between cleansing and cream.

Organic French lemon balm is one of the ingredients of Énergy de Vie .

In addition to the Asian references Lancôme has borrowed from several current trends right now. Namely superfoods and French pharmacology. Lemon balm is selected for its rejuvenating properties that counteract stress and infections. Goji berries provides energy and lots of antioxidants, while the more unusual ingredient gentian is an extract from a root that grows in the Alps and in the Himalayas and has been used since ancient times for its stimulant properties.

pearly lotionIt is perhaps unusual to us with liquid lotions, but the nutritious ingredients feels like a thin oil on the skin. Smoothing & plumping Pearly Lotion should be used after cleansing as a invigorating bath for the face. Furthermore, apply Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care which serves as a cream. At night you can use Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask acting wonderfully refreshing and calms skin for the night.The result is a soaked, calm skin without symptoms of stress. I’m a big fan of everything that works at night (when it doesn’t take any of my time), so this is my favorite right now.


masque de nuit
Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask