Is it such a good idea to use your favorite perfume on the beach?


Foto: David Sims for Cacharel 

My first real perfume was the same as many girls who grew up in the 80s, Anais Anais by Cacharel. In the same way as that rosé-wine called Matéus tastes too sweet for me now, the classic scent from Cacharel stopped working as anything but a beautiful summer memory. Now there are new summerfavorites.

I often get completely new perfume favourites in the summer. If I’m surrounded by salt sea, sun and sand I would rather use a completely different, more complementary fragrance to spray on my skin. Sweetness-filled, sensual and maybe a little dark perfumes, often with hints of vanilla and coconut. While I in winter are longing for summer and thus like to use lighter perfumes that smells orange blossom, fig and salt sea breeze. I feel completely naked without perfume, and turn back home if I have left the house without it. Even when I just hang around in shorts or bikini (as these past summer weeks) I regularly sniff in the perfume I inflict my wrists with every morning. It has become a habit.

But is it really such a good idea to wear perfume on the beach? I asked the most acknowledged perfume expert I know, Christianne Aamodt (owner of the beautiful perfumery Heaven Scent in Oslo) about it. She also gave me a bunch of good perfume tips for summer use, or whether you like me yearn for summer and seasonal characteristic smells when autumn and winter arrives.

  • Sun and perfume are basically no good match. This is because the alcohol and any of the other ingredients in perfume are making the skin photosensitive and may cause pigmentation.
  • Be conscious of where and when you apply perfume. I would avoid it at the beach, nothing beats the aroma of warm skin, sunscreen and salt water anyway.
  • If you absolutely want to use a perfume, always apply fragrances at the back of the hairline, or spraying under a hair band where the sun do not hit directly. A pomade- or oil-based perfume is also nice to use in the sun.
  • Select gladly an invigorating cologne ( it has a lower concentration of perfume ) or a body lotion variant of your favorite scent in summer.

Christiannes summer favorites:


The cult classics from Comptoir Sud Pacifique is palm trees and waves in a bottle. Try the two fragrances Vanille Coco and Aqua Motu together.



The hair is an excellent place to spray your perfume. Some manufacturers, such as Byredo, even make their own hair perfume. Protect your hair with a scarf because alcohol can dry out and bleach hair in the sun.


Eau D’ Italie Acqua Decima is the fragrance of the Amalfi Coast with notes of mandarin, lemon , neroli , petitgrain and mint.



Batucada from L’ Artisan Parfumeur is a sparkling and sensual cocktail with lime, caipirinha, spearmint, Tiara flower, ylang ylang, coconut and the scent of warm skin and sea.


You can get the summer classic scent, philosykos from Diptyque in both pomade- or oil aroma which is nice to have when traveling.




Frédéric Malles Lys Mediterranee is an impressionistic scent of salt water, lilies and a warm Mediterranean night. Impressionist because it doesn’t actually contains lily and still is the essence of lily.