Is it such a good idea to use your favorite perfume on the beach?


Foto: David Sims for Cacharel 

My first real perfume was the same as many girls who grew up in the 80s, Anais Anais by Cacharel. In the same way as that rosé-wine called Matéus tastes too sweet for me now, the classic scent from Cacharel stopped working as anything but a beautiful summer memory. Now there are new summerfavorites.

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Le Sireneuse – a dream hotel at the Amalfi coast

I’m sitting at home working as the rain is pouring outside and  dreaming myself back to the little cliffside village Positano at the Southern Italian coast. The tiny vertical city on the Amalfi Coast will always remain as a paradise for me where it clings to the rocks with its faded houses and steep stairs lit by old lamps in wrought iron that gives them a perfect romantic tinge. The scent of citrus trees, the salty ocean mixed with the warm terracotta is a memory I brought home with me in a bottle of perfume.

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The resurrection of a blog

After a few months in hibernation my blog is back. With a new design and lots of new energy I want to talk about beauty with anyones who’s interested.

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The power of perfume

Coco Chanel once said that a woman who doesn’t  wear perfume has no future.

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