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Hélène Univers is a beautyblog where Hélène will write about beauty with a cultural perspective and investigate a little deeper on this issue than is usually portrayed. She is going to write about training, food, skincare and makeup. But moreover she will write of the people behind the products and why and how we use beauty products. It is almost impossible to describe neither women’s history or the present without the history of beauty, and we can not avoid womens aesthetic symbols as expressions of identity and cultural belonging as we shall describe and understand our own reality . Throughout history, people of all cultures sought to change the look and to reshape and sculpt their bodies and adorn it with paint, cosmetics, clothing and jewelry. The quest for beauty is one of the oldest social practices in the world.We, Hélène Andersen and Kristin Valla, met in the spring 2006 when we both were part of the editorial team that started the fashion magazine Costume in Norway. Kristin was editorial director, Hélène beauty editor and journalist. Since then our roads parted at work, but we remained close friends. Hélène continued her post at Costume, while Kristin was editor of Aftenposten culture magazine K, a job she had for five years before the magazine was closed down last fall.

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Several times during those years we talked about that we wanted to work together again. Just before Christmas we both got a chance to take severance packages in our respective companies. Early this year, we started our own little media compan , Andersen & Valla , where Hélène has the commercial responsibility and Kristin the editorial. In addition to working for others , we also want to build up their own publishing platforms, such as this site, which is constantly evolving.

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Two Hands Clapping is a blog written by Kristin . The name of the blog is inspired by a quote from the book Mind and Nature of social anthropologist Gregory Bateson, who writes that alone is man like the sound of one clapping hand. ” It takes the least two somethings two create a difference,” he writes. Just as you need two hands to clap, a meeting between two or more different people help to define an identity and create cultural expressions . The sound of two hands clapping is also the sound of applause . With both enthusiasm and a critical eye we shall cover the part of the journalism we are most fond of, namely the cultural field.

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